Home Visits

Home visits are a critical component of the care of our young patients. By visiting the families’ homes, we can better understand their unique challenges and identify opportunities for improvement. Home visits also enable us to establish a relationship with family members so we can empower them to manage each child’s care and identify problems that could endanger their well-being. The responsibility of following up with patients in their homes falls on the directors, doctors, and nurses of each region, in conjunction with the regional coordinator. The visits are carried out according to the annual program plan, and follow-up is done as the need arises and until the situation presented is resolved.

In addition to our nurses and physicians, our dedicated physical and speech therapists make regular home visits. They teach moms, dads, and caregivers how to work on the therapies at home, in their own space, when they have time.

Our commitment to making home visits is part of what makes the RVF so successful. We can help children most effectively when we know as much about them as possible. During follow-ups, emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • health status of the patient
  • current treatment, including the list of medications along with dosage
  • organizing scheduled medical check-ups according to recommendations by Rosa Vera Fund pediatricians
  • arranging assistance from specialists, either online or in person
  • verifying the use of orthopedic equipment (splints, walkers, etc.)
  • verifying nutritional status
  • identifying psychosocial risks for the patient and family
  • obtaining information on the results of speech, occupational, and physical therapy

Our physical therapist helps a patient with cerebral palsy exercise her muscles at home

Home visits were especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic

Home visits include bringing much-needed supplies to our patients’ families

Our incredibly dedicated physical therapist Janet visited patients’ homes weekly during the pandemic

Every month, our speech therapist Ariel spends a day working with children in their home environment.

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