Our COVID-19 Response

Our work continues

First of all, we at the Rosa Vera Fund send a big, strong, virtual hug to our patients and supporters around the world during this challenging time. The effects of this pandemic have been truly devastating, but they have not dampened the spirits or the resolve of our team. Now more than ever, we are determined to make sure our families are getting the support they need. Our supporters have been asking us how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our patients and the important work that our staff in Montero does every day, so we wanted to share an update from our small corner of the world as we continue to serve our patients and their families.

The city of Montero is under stay-at-home orders and no one may leave their home; this obviously poses challenges for children requiring in-person therapy. We are working with our families so they may continue this essential work by collaborating with our specialists via live video conference. In addition, since a portion of our regular RVF programming takes place in the child’s home environment, parents and caregivers are able to continue speech and physical therapy goals on a daily basis. During this time of social distancing, we are thankful our patients can continue learning to speak, to control their hands, to gain muscle strength, and to stabilize themselves so they may walk on their own. Your support makes this happen!

Given that the parents and other caregivers cannot work for the time being, we are offering nutrition security to the families by delivering essentials to each home.  We are also providing diapers and other necessities for the children as government services have all but shut down.  We continue to move forward undaunted!

Our dedicated staff continue making visits to our patients and their families to ensure they have the nutritious food they need

Our families are so grateful to receive their diaper delivery

Our commitment to our patients and their families is essential to their continued well-being.

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