Partner Foundations

The Rosa Vera Fund is grateful for the generous support of our partner foundations.

Family foundations and private grants play a crucial role in helping the RVF run our programs, day in and day out. We are honored to have been selected to receive support from the following foundations. (The logos link to the foundation websites where applicable.)

Expanding opportunities for access to education, experience, and economic support.

Collaborating to provide quality, affordable healthcare to the most underserved.

Providing hope and a future to those in poverty by supporting organizations that help people to help themselves.

Dedicated to enriching the health, education, and environment cultural and spiritual life of New Mexicans.

Giving primarily for the arts, education, and to health organizations.

We direct our personal and corporate resources to the promotion of justice, peace, and reconciliation.

To inspire hope and awaken the spirits of both children and volunteers.

Supporting work in the arts, education, healthcare, and poverty.

Focusing on educational opportunities for all.

Committed to helping those in need. 

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