Yoselin became a patient of the RVF in 2007. We believe that she had meningitis at 9 months, which was not properly treated. With rapid and aggressive IV medications, meningitis can be cured. However, if the infection is allowed to advance, it can prove to be lethal. Luckily for Yoselin, her life was spared, but not without residual effects. She spent the first decade of her life inside her home, without the stimulation she needed to develop and grow. Yoselin’s family, in an effort to protect her, was resistant to letting her go to school. So when the RVF took on her case, we had physical therapists sent to her home. Now, Yoselin is actually taking steps with little support. It has been incredibly rewarding to see her achieve this major milestone. Thanks to the consistent support of RVF members, Yoselin has been given a chance that she otherwise would have never had.

Yoselín’s father fashioned a walker for her out of found materials.