Mathias was born 3 months premature. He suffers from profound cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, talk or even eat on his own. Mathias’ mother must carry him everywhere he goes and tirelessly spoon feeds him pureed foods to meet his nutritional needs. RVF donor support enables Mathias’ mother to help her son receive the best care possible. Children like Mathias currently have to travel more than one hour each way to receive their crucial therapies and services unavailable in their hometown. With the opening of our school for special needs children, La Escuelita, we can offer Mathias physical therapy, appropriate nutrition, and interaction with other children, blocks away from his home.

What have the Rosa Vera Fund and La Escuelita done for us? They’ve given us almost everything we need for Mathias, including his wheelchair and physical therapy. They’ve been very good to us.

Mathias with his mother and sister at La Escuelita