Partner Testimonials

Testimonials From Some of Our Bolivian Partners

People often ask us why we do what we do at the Rosa Vera Fund.  Why Bolivia? Why Montero? The answer, simply put, is that we are able to have a profound impact on the lives of so many, from our patients and their families to the professionals we support. We work with an exceptional group of healthcare professionals in Montero who make the impossible possible, day after day. We asked our Montero collaborators—from the CSRA leadership to the healthcare providers and administrators—to describe how their work is facilitated by the Rosa Vera Fund. Here are a few of the responses we got.

Dr. Dardo Chavez Soleto, Director of El Consejo De Salud Rural Andino, Montero (CSRAM)

“Our experience working with the Rosa Vera Fund has helped us to develop as professionals, approaching the care of special needs children with more sensitivity and knowledge.  Thanks to our ongoing collaboration, we have become more efficient in our work and better at utilizing our resources in order to put together effective care plans for our young patients. This has not only helped us to provide superior care for the children of the fund, but it has also helped us to improve our delivery of primary care services to the community in general.”

Mitma Claure Alcocer, Registered Nurse and Coordinator of the Rosa Vera Fund (also over Villa Cochabamba)

“Thanks to the efforts of the professionals here in Montero working in collaboration with our patients’ families, we are able to achieve the rehabilitation goals of all the children in our care. Of course, none of this would be possible without the economic resources that the Rosa Vera Fund provides. Because of their fundraising contributions, we are able to focus on teaching, supporting, and working with the parents to carry out the care plans that the specialists prescribe. With the money that the Rosa Vera Fund raises, we are able to bring joy and relief to so many families.”

Jacqueline Rosado Perez, Regional Administrator for CSRA

“Although our patients may have chronic, incurable conditions, they will experience a better quality of life for the rest of their lives thanks to the support we get from the Rosa Vera Fund.”

Miriam Fuentes, Special Education Teacher

“Thanks to the Rosa Vera Fund, all the children that we take care of are able to receive the stimulation they need in order to develop and work at their highest potential. The fund’s contributions help us to achieve our goal – to make the children as independent as possible.”

Dr. Angel Pinto Vega, General Physician for Villa Cochabamba

“There are many families living in extreme poverty in our country and especially here in Montero. For those who bear the added burden of raising a child with special needs, the prohibitive cost of treatment prevents them from accessing the help their children require. Without the support of the Rosa Vera Fund, many of these children would be left without any help at all – no labs, no medications, nothing. The Rosa Vera Fund has enabled many families to elevate the quality of life for their children.”

Guadalupe Balcazar, Medical Assistant for Villa Cochabamba

“Because of the money that the Rosa Vera Fund raises through donations, we are able to bring happiness and relief to so many families. For example, children who grew up having seizures no longer have to suffer because they now have the medication they need as well as follow-up care with a neurologist. For this, I am extremely grateful.”

Sarah Penner Cuellar, Environmental Service and Security of La Escuelita (Community Health Worker)

“I love the work I get to do with the children who come to La Escuelita. My children and I feel like they are part of our family.”

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