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Simply put, we change lives

The Rosa Vera Fund (RVF) works in close collaboration with the Consejo de Salud Rural Andino Montero, (CSRAM–Rural Andean Health Counsel in Montero) a Bolivian non-governmental, non-profit organization that works in the field of public health in Bolivia, caring for roughly 60,000 patients in the municipality of Montero. We take on select cases of children with special needs that CSRAM doesn’t have the resources to manage. In addition, we pay for motivated men and women to train as health care workers, we fund scholarships for qualifying students, and we helped to finance, build and operate La Escuelita, our school and therapy center in Montero.

We thought it was appropriate to tell the story of the impact of the Rosa Vera Fund (RVF) in the words of our longtime Bolivian partner and dear friend, Dr. Dardo Chávez. Dr. Chávez runs CSRAM; they make everything we do possible. Dr. Chávez expressed his gratitude towards the fund in a letter to our supporters, which is quoted here:

“Representing the Rural Andean Health Counsel, I have the great honor to express our deep gratitude for your financial support, which allows us to carry out the critical work of the RVF. The RVF has proven to be of vital benefit for not only our organization, but for our entire community. Please feel secure in your knowledge that the unique design of RVF operations has not only saved the lives of many children, but has also elevated the quality of life of those children and their families.

Likewise, the RVF’s employment and educational component provides our health workers with a singular opportunity to further their professional training. This opportunity results not only in an improved standard of living for these ambitious women and men who have little opportunity elsewhere, but their services elevate the standard of living of the Montero community as a whole.

Thank you for your grace towards Bolivians, and thank you for your support for this critical program warmly regarded as the Rosa Vera Fund. As executers of the RVF, we are quite aware that without your help, the RVF and everything it accomplishes would simply not be possible.”

— Dr. Dardo Chávez , Regional Director of the Andean Rural Health Council in Montero

To learn more about our specific initiatives, see Pediatric Cases, Our School & Therapy Center, Community Health Workers, and Education and Training.

Founder Dr. Jonathan Melk with a group of children in Montero

The combined leadership of CSRA and the RVF take a moment to pose for the camera

Drs. Jon and Darlene Melk with son Jonathan in front of La Escuelita

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