Dulce María


Dulce was born in 2002 to healthy young parents. The pregnancy and delivery were normal, however, Dulce never learned to crawl or talk. Luckily, Dulce has an incredibly committed mother. In fact, her mother chose to devote her life to the immaculate care of her daughter. They share an incredible bond that is obvious when you see them together. Her mother spends every minute of every day attending to Dulce, preparing her special foods, taking her to La Escuelita for physical and speech therapy appointments, and reading to her every day. It is no surprise that Dulce’s face lights up when she sees her mother enter the room. Unfortunately, Dulce’s mother recently received a cancer diagnosis; despite this struggle, Dulce still receives the regular medical treatment she needs. The RVF is a key resource for this family to continue to care for their special daughter, paying for her physical therapy sessions and nutritional supplements. Thanks to the consistent support of our donors, Dulce is making true progress in her physical strength.

Dulce María with her mother at La Escuelita

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