Beatriz was born a healthy little girl with a bright future. Unfortunately, she suffered physical abuse from her caregiver, which resulted in a severe brain injury. We do not know all the details of her story, but what we do know is that she was placed in the care of an orphanage shortly after this event. Beatriz has regained many abilities over the years, but is still unable to speak fluently and has trouble with comprehension. Thanks to dedicated RVF donors over the past several years, she is receiving intensive speech therapy and we are beginning to see the results. She is speaking more and more each month. Beatriz is happy living at the orphanage, where she feels loved and safe. She loves to work with her hands making small crafts and helping with daily cleaning tasks. We are happy to see the progress she has made and hope to see her continue benefiting from being in a stable, loving environment where she can reach her full potential.

Beatriz shows off her handiwork