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The soul is healed by being with children. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian novelist

Dr. Lisa Hunt, MD – Board Member, Medical Liaison

Lisa Hunt is a pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona. She strives to improve the health of chronically ill kids that have limited resources. Working with Rosa Vera Fund provides her the opportunity to do that. Lisa looks forward to the yearly work trip to Bolivia, where she performs family visits and patient examinations to determine where the Rosa Vera Fund can supplement the lives of those who truly are in need. Read more about Dr. Hunt.

“I’m grateful that Rosa Vera Fund patients and their families allow me to be part of their journey.  Our combined efforts make magnificent changes with limited resources.  The experience makes me a better person and pediatrician.”

Karen Melk – Chair and Secretary

Karen Melk is Jonathan’s sister. She has been involved with the Rosa Vera Fund since the first surgery. She has her undergrad degree from the University of WI – Stevens Point, and a Master’s from Columbia University. She taught middle school in central Harlem for 14 years before leaving to become a stay-at-home mom to her kids. Her mantra in life is to be generous, with time, money and patience. She is dedicated to the idea of making a long-term difference in the lives of children by supporting them with medical care and education. She currently serves as the board’s chair, responsible for the nitty gritty details of running a nonprofit.

“Being a part of the RVF is a touchstone for my life, reminding me of what is truly important: making the world a better place.  The families we work with are so inspiring – they have helped me to become a better person.”

Seth Lane – Board Member, Treasurer

Seth has been working in Information Technology for decades – first as an engineer, then in sales, and currently as the head of the network infrastructure at Major League Soccer. He believes that his skill set helps him generate excitement about the overwhelmingly meaningful work being done by the Rosa Vera Fund – that is, helping children who have merely had the bad luck to be born with special needs in a place that is ill-equipped to handle them. Seth lives in Brooklyn with his wife Kyle and their children Spencer and Logan.

To me, there is nothing more satisfying in life than helping children, especially those with special needs who literally have nowhere else to turn.  We’re not a huge fund but for the children that are part of the RVF, their lives are dramatically improved, if not outright saved.  This gives me such pleasure knowing that I had something to do with that.”

Lesley Alderman, LMSW – Board Member, Fundraising

Lesley is a clinical social worker and journalist. For the past twenty years, Lesley has been writing about health care and wellness for national magazines and newspapers. Lesley is pleased to bring her interest in health care and social welfare to the Rosa Vera Fund. Lesley lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

Volunteering with the Rosa Vera Fund has been inspirational. Poor children, particularly those with special needs, often receive sub par health care. Our doctors treat each child in the RVF (and their families) with respect and compassion, providing them with personalized and quality care.”

Amy Sirot – Board Member, Editing

Amy Sirot works at a public middle school in Brooklyn, NY. She recently traveled to Montero and got to see La Escuelita and the other amazing things The Rosa Vera Fund has accomplished. She was most impressed with the kindness, resourcefulness, and resiliency of the practitioners, parents and patients. She has been on the board for 10 years and contributes to the writing and editing efforts.

“Working with a respected local organization, La Consejo de Salud Rural Andino, to find out the true needs of the community is important to me. Knowing that what we do is helping children reach their full potential and showing families that they are not alone is immensely rewarding.”

Laura Sweet – Board Member, Design and Website

Laura Sweet is the graphic designer/webmaster for the Rosa Vera Fund. Her career as a visual designer and creative director spans over 20 years; she is currently a Lead UX Designer at Thomson Reuters. Laura is honored to work with the dedicated RVF team and for the wonderful people of Montero. Laura lives in Montclair, NJ with her family.

I am part of the Rosa Vera Fund because the work we are doing is changing so many lives for the better. Thanks to our donors and to everyone who collaborates to serve the needs of these vulnerable children and their families, we are making an impact that will ripple outward for generations to come.”

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