Community Health Workers

Community Health Worker programs have been embraced worldwide as a cost-effective, impactful means of promoting community health in underdeveloped areas. Community Health Workers (CHWs), most often individuals who have little or no professional training, play key roles in Rosa Vera Fund (RVF) operations and programming. In addition to providing careful ongoing and follow-up care to RVF-enrolled children, the utilization of CHWs has allowed the RVF to support prevention initiatives that have positively impacted thousands of families via immunization, informational and educational campaigns.

Sometimes overlooked is the transformative impact that CHW programs have on the health workers themselves. When provided with the opportunity of a living wage and a supportive professional environment, the personal achievements that the RVF has witnessed in our CHWs have been none other than remarkable. For instance, we have seen CHWs leave homes afflicted by domestic violence, complete professional training programs, and step into leadership roles. In addition to self-transformation, CHWs can offer greater opportunities for better education and health to their families.

We teach families how to care for the children whom they love so deeply. — Emilse Negrete

Extraordinary CHWs Rebeca, Giasmina, Sarah and Delci

Emilse Negrete, who started as a CHW and is now a medical assistant for Cruz Roja

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