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Work trip 2024

The Rosa Vera Fund’s June 2024 work trip to Montero, Bolivia proved to be a very productive and successful visit. It included doctors Darlene Melk and Lisa Hunt, accompanied by Dr. Melk’s son Davis Ray.

For the doctors, it was a chance to reunite with our Bolivian healthcare partners and to connect with our twenty current Rosa Vera Fund patients and their families. We have a new patient named Lia who recently joined the fund. Dr. Hunt and Dr. Melk found our Bolivian partners full of energy and enthusiasm, and eager to apply all they’ve learned at our La Escuelita therapy center. The patients continue to improve, and we continue to be inspired.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with caring, dedicated pediatric specialists, who understand how delicate a child with chronic illness can be. They’ve seen our patients on their days off and have even traveled to Montero to help a child when necessary. This year, we were excited to meet a pediatric dentist who works with children with special needs and has already treated a few of our patients. We look forward to sending her more!

It was heartening to see that the parents are more committed than ever, so grateful for the three years of support that the Rosa Vera Fund provides. We also see more fathers involved than ever before.

“It’s such an honor to be part of this group, and I look forward to working with the Rosa Vera Fund for many years to come.” – Dr. Lisa Hunt

Dr. Melk and Dr. Hunt with our new pediatric dentist, Dr. Carolina Vaca Helbingens

Dr. Melk and her son Davis make a home visit to one of our families

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