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Meet our pediatric dentist

The Rosa Vera Fund is thrilled to introduce Dr. Carolina Vaca Helbingens, a pediatric dentist with years of experience treating children with chronic health conditions.

The care she provides the children of Rosa Vera Fund includes fixing teeth, applying fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel, filling cavities, and sealing pits and fissures to prevent future cavities. For more advanced cases, she provides root canal treatments, using antibiotics to prevent infection and ensure the success of the treatment.

To ensure the continuity of dental care for the children, Dr. Vaca Helbingens schedules follow-up treatments every six months in coordination with the Rosa Vera Fund team.

She provides in-person and practical training to parents at La Escuelita, our school and therapy center, teaching them brushing and oral hygiene techniques and raising awareness about the importance of prevention, hygiene, and dental care for their children. In addition, she focuses on the prevention of dental diseases using cariostatic agents and fluoridation, which help to stop the progression of cavities and ensure that dental treatments last longer.

“Dr. Vaca Helbingens is a consummate professional who has a passion for treating children with different abilities.”
– Mitma Claure Alcocer, Coordinator of the RVF

Dr. Vaca Helbingens cares for a patient from the Rosa Vera Fund

Dr. Vaca Helbingens cares for Eva, a Rosa Vera Fund patient

adminMeet our pediatric dentist