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Parent Groups

Parents are our main point of contact with the children, and they are the key to a successful treatment program. Our relationship begins at the initial interview and is formalized when they sign a contract affirming their compliance with the indicated treatment program. In addition to medical check-ups and therapy, each child’s treatment program includes meetings and training for their caregivers at La Escuelita, our school and therapy center. Most of the participants are the mothers of our patients, as they typically manage treatment and accompany their children to therapy sessions, though some fathers also participate. In the group meetings, which are facilitated by Rosa Vera Fund staff, parents receive hands-on training for the care of their children. Depending on the topic, the staff may also invite outside professionals to participate.

We want to ensure that parents apply what they learn in the groups at home, so we follow up with home visits. We also stay in close touch via telephone and text messages. We have had success with WhatsApp group chats, where we communicate updates to the parents of the children who attend physical, occupational, and speech therapy. These WhatsApp chats improve the communication between parents and therapists, forming a critical part of the support network.

Through these community activities, parents become part of an extended Rosa Vera Fund family. They form meaningful and lasting bonds with one another because they share common experiences. Their children play and interact with one another, which is critical for their socialization.

Parents meeting with RVF staff in the all-purpose room at La Escuelita

RVF Coordinator Mitma Claure Alcocer addresses a group of parents with their children

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