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Fundraiser at La Escuelita

Our Bolivian colleagues from CSRA and the RVF held a very successful fundraiser at La Escuelita on May 19. They raised over $1,000 for the school and therapy center that serves the children from the Rosa Vera Fund!

They cooked up a veritable feast of delicious Bolivian food which they sold to their lucky customers. On the menu was sopa de mani, (peanut soup) chancho al horno, (roast pork) keperí, (Bolivian-style simmered pork) and pollo al horno, (roast chicken) along with ice-cold Bolivian beverages. Parents of Rosa Vera Fund children and CSRA/RVF staff all contributed to the success of the event, combining to sell 644 food tickets.

In addition, members of a group called Club de Leones “la Merced” bought several tickets and offered seven women volunteers to help in the preparation and serving of the food during the event; they also donated 600 bs (bolivianos). Members of this group have been very generous with their time and donations to the Rosa Vera Fund in recent years.

CSRA and RVF staff carried out all the planning and organization of the event and bought any supplies needed. Nursing assistants were also on hand to support the mothers with food preparation. The sisters of the Santa Clara home donated salad.

Overall, the event raised 6,645.70 bs ($963.46). That, along with the 600 bs donation from the Club de Leones “la Merced” resulted in a total intake of 7,245.70 bs – $1,050.45! Bravo and brava to all those who helped make this event a roaring success for the Rosa Vera Fund!

Enough food to feed an army!

Parents, staff, and volunteers all teamed up to carry off this successful event

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