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Sarah’s Story: Employment, Community & A Place To Call Home

The daughter of a single mother who had worked for years cleaning CSRA clinics, Sarah was long recognized as a bright child with a great deal of potential. It was therefore disappointing that Sarah was only sixteen years old when she learned that not only was she pregnant, she was pregnant with twins.

However, not all news was bad.  First and foremost, Martin (the father of the twins) stepped up firmly to the role of husband and father.  Also, the RVF was just completing our therapy center (La Escuelita), and the busy new facility required live-in caretakers.  In January 2013, Sara and Martin moved in and became an integral part of La Escuelita.

Sara has since become much more than simply a caretaker for La Escuelita and the mother of her growing twins.  Sara has learned new skills while assisting other professionals in physical/speech therapy, nutrition, and special education.  She has become a vital, trusted member of the care team of the RVF’s children.  On top of all of this, Sara also completed her high school diploma and is now studying to be a nurse.  When asked ‘why nursing’, Sara confidently states that she wants to use the skills that she has learned as part of the RVF to help as many others as she can.

I love the work I get to do with the children who come to La Escuelita. My children and I feel like they are part of our family.

Sarah at La Escuelita with her twins.

Sarah (far right) with RVF colleagues.

adminSarah’s Story: Employment, Community & A Place To Call Home