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Yoselín’s Story: Learning to Walk at Last

Yoselin became a patient of the RVF in 2007. Based on the limited information provided, we believe she had meningitis at the age of 9 months and that she was not adequately treated. With rapid and aggressive IV medications, meningitis can be cured; however, if the infection is allowed to advance, it can be lethal.

She spent the first years of her life mostly inside her one-room home, without the stimulation necessary to develop and advance. Although she has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to learn, she did not attend school. So when RVF adopted her case, we decided to have physical therapy brought to her home. Now, after years of hard work, Yoselin is actually walking with little support and advancing in her education. It has been incredibly rewarding to see her achieve this major milestone. Thanks to the consistent support of RVF members, for only $20 per month this amazing girl has been given a chance that she would never have had otherwise.

Yoselín has been with us since she was a toddler.

Yoselín in 2017, standing proud and walking tall!

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