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Karina’s Story: Lifesaving Kidney Transplant and Continued Care

For reasons unknown to her doctors, Karina’s kidneys began to fail when she was 9 years old. This very serious diagnosis of ‘end-stage kidney disease’ initiated a long journey for Karina and her devoted family — and for the RVF.

As a patient of the RVF since 2006, we were able to keep her alive with dialysis until her truly remarkable kidney transplant took place in July, 2010. Had it not been for the support of the RVF, her family, and our dedicated Bolivian colleagues, it is very unlikely that this charismatic and intelligent young woman would be alive today. As in all cases that the RVF adopts, we are committed to Karina’s case over time. Her surgery was in fact life-saving, but this was only the first step. We continue to invest in her future by helping her family acquire ongoing medications and ensure excellent follow-up with her specialists. We are also prepared to ensure any treatment necessary should she encounter complications along her way. In addition, since Karina lives with a compromised immune system, the RVF makes sure that her living conditions are sanitary in order to reduce the risk of infection or illness. As an organization, we are deeply committed to Karina so that she may reach her fullest potential.

Of note, Karina has been recently recognized by her transplant team as one of the recipients with the fewest post-operative complications ever seen.

I am well again thanks to the help of many people. My health is much improved now. I am studying hard and getting good grades in school. I am very happy because in the past, I could not attend when I was sick. I used to feel very weak and at times did not want to wake up in the morning.

Karina with her aunt before surgery.

Karina was not expected to survive, much less grow up and graduate high school!

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