"La Escuelita" Offers Children a School and Therapy Center - the First in Montero!

La Escuelita


The Rosa Vera Fund and our partners in Bolivia are proud to announce the official opening of our new school and therapy center! The Rosa Vera Fund children will finally be able to attend school and receive physical, speech, and occupational therapy in a safe, caring environment. Pictured are Rosa Vera Fund doctors and volunteers and our Montero liaison Dr. Chavez at the inauguration of La Escuelita with our patients and their families.

2013 Bolivia Work Trip
Work Trip 2013


The Rosa Vera Fund’s first work trip of 2013 was very fruitful. Board members Dr. Jonathan Melk (Director), Tina Manis (Chair), and Karen Melk (Secretary) spent five days meeting with RVF’s partners, patients and community health workers. They visited the patients in their homes, walked the hot roads of Montero with the health workers, and had a celebratory lunch with the current scholarship recipients. Seeing the RVF in action made it clear that the work in Montero is vital to the community, and also drove home the tremendous challenges facing RVF’s families. The Fund has made a huge impact in Montero, but much work remains to be done.

Children Helping Children!
Alex and Charlie

Children in Arizona, Connecticut and New York are raising awareness of (and money for) The Rosa Vera Fund. Jake Ray of AZ made this moving video using footage taken by his mom (aka Dr. Darlene Melk) in Montero. Lucia, Grace and Sophie, friends and family of Rosa Vera Fund board members, held a bake sale in CT to raise money. And Charlie & Alex (pictured here) helped sell Rosa Vera Fund holiday cards in Brooklyn, NY.

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